Two fundamental traditions of law and government are active among humanity, each manifesting contrary ideals: the common law and the civil law. The common law rests upon justice administered by scriptural principles that presuppose and guard against the inherent imperfections of human reason. The civil law, on the other hand, justifies its methods by presupposing and appealing to man's notions of perfected reason.

Carl Miller Essential Law Study

Carl Miller is an expert on the constitution and the bill of rights. He has studied law for 25 years and has a courtroom win-loss rate of over 90%. He is not an attorney; Carl prefers to represent himself in pria persona, and he delights in tying legal prosecutors in knots, often winning the praise and respect of the judges at the same time.


The practice of Law is AN OCCUPATION OF COMMON RIGHT! Under free enterprise system, any Citizen who was willing to risk his time and finances, can go into business. The public with the freedom of choice, can patronize this business or decide they don't like the service or product and stay away; whereas, in a private or a capitalistic system, only the privileged elite can go into certain businesses or professions such as had been practiced in Europe for ages, making the public their CAPTIVE CUSTOMERS.