Democrat Governor Considers Giving $600 Weekly to Undocumented Immigrants [Details] ⋆ And where would that cash come from? ⋆ Flag And Cross

Instead of kicking them out of the country for breaking the law, far-left California is set to hand out $500 stimulus checks to illegal aliens during this coronavirus pandemic. Now, New Jersey may be ready to follow the leader.

The group is asking authorities to take aggressive steps to help immigrant communities, including increasing the federal stimulus check to $2,000 a month, give $600 a week to those who lost their jobs but are ineligible for unemployment benefits and sign an executive order halting detention and deportation of unauthorized residents.

“Immigrants are being posed with a really difficult choice, going to work in potentially very unsafe conditions where social distancing isn’t respected … or stay home and not have any income and not be able to pay rent, food or medicine,” said Sara Cullinane, Director of Make the Road New Jersey. Murphy said he’s open to the idea of $600 but would not commit to it during Thursday’s daily press briefing, and said he had not seen the report.


And here’s more COVID-19 randomness, via Twitter…

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